Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Majesty of God

God Almighty,

Please help me to truly grasp your majesty - your greatness, your power, your glory and your presence, and in doing so, turn to you in worship and praise.

I know you are personal - and I am thankful for that - your care, compassion, patience and sympathy for your people - but let me also never lose sight of your majesty and dominion.

I want to truly grasp your greatness - so please prevent me from thoughts of you that would limit you or make you smaller in my eyes:

  • Remind me that I cannot flee your presence - you are always there. 
  • Remind me that there are no bounds to your knowledge of me - you know me completely, inside and out 
  • Remind me of your complete power over all creation 

I want to truly grasp your greatness, so remind me of how much greater you are, even than things I think have greatness.

  • The things I do compared to what you can do - can I create something from nothing? Can I measure out the heavens, the dust of the earth, the mountains? No 
  • The strong nations - do they compare with your might - their armies, their weapons, their resources? No 
  • The world - the size, complexity, variety and order of it - but who made it all? You! The earth is your footstool. 
  • Great men - leaders, dictators, peacemakers - but you bring princes to nothing and you scoff at their attempts.
  • Amazing people - authors, artists, benefactors - they are trying to imitate you.
  • The stars - we stand amazed by the array of the heavens, yet you flung the stars into space. 


  • Please forgive me at not seeing your greatness - help me to see the reality of your unlimited wisdom and power - your full majesty. 
  • Please forgive me for when I think you are not interested in me - in all your majesty you still care for me and other people deeply 
  • Please forgive me for all my slowness to believe your majesty - help me to know you are truly majestic - over all the world and over my own life. 


(in response to Knowing God, J.I. Packer, ch 8) 

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