Sunday, May 22, 2016

Please hear me (Psalm 28)

To you O God I call
                  Please hear me, do not turn from me or be silent
                  Hear my cry for help and my call for mercy
I lift my hands in prayer to you.

Do not let me remain with the wicked and the evil ones – those who harbour malice in their hearts.  Let them face what they have done.

Yet Lord, praise be to you – for I know you hear me.
                  You are my strength and shield
                  My heart trusts in you, leaps for you
                  And I rejoice in thanks to you.

Lord, I know you are the source of strength for all your people.
                  Lord, save those who are yours
                  Bless those who are your inheritance
                  Be their shepherd and carry them always.

Thank you God that you hear, you act and you save.


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