Friday, October 18, 2013

You cannot serve both God and money (Luke 16:13)

Heavenly Father,

I read again and again from your word and the lips of Jesus that money can be a trap, can be dangerous and can be an idol.

I know the clear warnings you give that I cannot serve both God and money.

Lord, help me to flee from my temptation to serve money.
                How I reply on it for security
                How I trust in it for the future
                How I rest in knowing it provides for my needs and wants now.

If I don’t think I have enough money Lord, I want more; or I worry about it.

If I think I have enough I rest in that and put my hope in that.

Lord, forgive me.

You know my heart and my anxious thoughts about money.

Help me instead to serve you alone:
            To know my future is secure in you

To know my daily needs and a tremendous number of my ‘wants’ are given generously by you

To be generous with the money you given me, supporting others in needs and ministries that serve and preach

To not be anxious about money, but to rest in you and you alone.

Lord, help me to continue to serve you and not money every day of my life.


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