Friday, September 13, 2013

Waiting for Jesus

O Lord,

Forgive me. 
I do not wait for Jesus’ return with eager expectation.
I am not overwhelmed with longing for his coming.

This is because I forget that his return is
The finale of our salvation
The climax of redemption
On that day we will be raise like Jesus
Sin and death will be overcome and
We will finally experience your fullness
I forget the power and completion of Jesus’ return and so I don’t wait for it eagerly.

Forgive me – for it also means I love the world more than you and your kingdom.
I love this life, I love this world and I struggle to think how much better it could be.  
Secretly, I even think that if you came soon, you would interrupt my plans.  Forgive me Lord!

Help me to see the glory of your return and live in that knowledge with eager joy and expectation.


(adapted from Note to Self, Joe Thorn, p60-61)  

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