Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grace saved me (Ephesians 2:4-10)

Heavenly Father,

Your love is amazing
Your mercy is overwhelming
Your grace is overpowering

Your great love, rich in mercy, has made me alive in Christ. 
Even when I was dead in my sins and transgressions, your grace saved me.

Not only saved me, but raised me up with Christ and seated me with him in the heavenly realms!  Me, a sinner!

What kindness you have shown me through the riches of your grace.

Sometimes I wonder – what have I done to deserve this?  How did I earn it?
                I did nothing,
                I earned nothing
                I deserved nothing
Yet – by your gift of grace you have saved me.

I cannot boast of it, except to boast of you.

Lord, I know you have prepared good works for me to do, help me to do them well, to honour you, to sing your praises, to tell of your marvellous deeds, to serve and love others.

And to continue to glory in your grace.


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