Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Praise God in hope (Psalm 33)

O Lord, I want to praise you and sing joyfully to you
                Your word is right and true
                You are faithful in all that you do
                You love righteousness and justice
                The earth is full of your unfailing love

You made the heavens with your word
                With your breath the starry host were created
                You made all the water on the earth
                You spoke and it came to be      
                You commanded and it stood firm

Lord, you foil the plans of the nations
                You know what people do and want
                Yet you are completely in control
                Your plans stand firm forever, through all generations

You have chosen a people Lord
                The ones who are your inheritance
                Your eyes are on those who fear you 
                on those whose hope is in your unfailing love

I am part of that chosen people Lord - thank you.
                I wait in hope for you - for you are my help and my shield.
                My heart rejoices in you 
                I trust in your holy name. 
May your unfailing love rest upon me O Lord,
                As I put my hope in you.


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