Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joy, Prayer, Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Lord, please help me to be joyful always
                To be joyful when your blessings are evident
                To be joyful if I am counted worthy of suffering for your name
                To be joyful that you have given me a saviour
                To be joyful in your grace, extended daily
                To be joyful when tired, downcast, sad and defeated
                To be joyful at your continued sustaining of the world
    To be joyful that you will judge all things with power and justice at the end of time
                To be joyful that your Holy Spirit dwells within me helping me to live daily for your 
                glory and growing in Christ-likeness

Help me to pray continually.
                To praise you for who you are and all you have done for me.
                To thank you for your blessings:
                                Life, salvation, grace, food to eat, shelter and so much more.
                To pray to you for
                                Those who do not know you
                                Wisdom in all circumstances
                                Grace to persevere in faith
                                A deeper knowledge and understanding of you
                                A servant heart
                                A love for your people
                                Patience with those we find hard
                                Justice for the oppressed            

Help me to give thanks in all circumstances:
                For work to do, leisure to rest, people to serve, blessings of family
                The challenges that grow us in godliness, patience, grace, kindness and self-control.

I know that you want me to:
                Be joyful always
                Pray continually and
                Give thanks in all circumstances

Help me and guide me to do this please Lord.


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