Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Psalm 9

Praise our God who reigns


I praise you with all my heart
                I want to tell of your wonders—help me to do so
                I am glad and I rejoice in you
                Help me to sing praise to your name, O Lord
You can rebuke evil nations and destroy the wicked
                Lord please do this—defend those who are yours from your enemies

You reign forever,
                You have established your throne for judgement
                You will judge the world in righteousness
                You govern the peoples with justice

Lord, you are a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in time of trouble
                Let all who are oppressed Lord turn to you
                                Give them justice, compassion, grace and patience
                                Let nations, kings, leaders and governments know they are only men
                                but you are judge of all. 

Let those who know your name trust in you for you will never forsake us.

Lord, have mercy on me
                Lift me up from my troubles Lord
                I declare your praise and rejoice in your salvation.

Remember and give hope to the needy Lord


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