Sunday, June 24, 2012

Please hear me (Psalm 5)


Please give your ear to my words
Please listen to what I say
                When I sigh, please hear me
                When I cry, please hear me
                When I shout with joy, please hear me
                When I thank you, please hear me
                When I call to you, please hear me

You are my King and my God
                I want to follow you alone
                Yet, at times, it’s hard to remember that you always hear me
                You listen when I speak to you
                It is to you, and you alone, that I pray
                For you are the one and the only, the true God

I come before you, because of your great mercy
Lead me in your righteousness
                Let me learn and meditate on your righteous ways
                Make your way straight before me, so I may follow it

Help me to take refuge in you
                To sing for joy
                To love your name
                To rejoice in you

You surround me with favour like a shield
                Help me to always trust in you and your work in me.


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