Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Closing blog

Hi to any readers and fellow pray-ers out there.

I have decided to stop adding to this prayer blog.

I am still writing prayers and have my own collection, but keeping up with posting them is proving too much.

If there are followers out there who would like a pdf copy of what I have put together to date, and if it would aid your personal prayers, I am happy to share them. There are not to be used commercially or for sale.

If you would like a copy, feel free to get in touch via musingsinadelaideATgmailDOTcom.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Gospel Way

Lord Jesus

No human mind could conceive or invent the gospel.
Acting in eternal grace you are both its messenger and its message
            lived out on earth through infinite compassion
being insulted, injured and dying so that I might be redeemed, ransomed, freed.

Blessed be you, O Father, for designing this
Eternal thanks to you, O Lamb of God for opening the way
Praise everlasting to you, O Holy Spirit, for applying this way to my heart.
Glorious Trinity, impress the gospel on my soul, until its virtue sinks into every faculty
Let it be heard, acknowledged, professed, felt.
Help me to give up every lust
To submit my heart and life to its command,
 To have it in my will, controlling my affections and moulding my understanding
To adhere strictly to its precepts - not trying to avoid inconvenience or danger

Take me to the cross to seek glory from it alone
Strip me of every pleasing pretense of righteousness by my own actions.

O gracious Redeemer,
            I have neglected you, put you to shame
Thank you for your patience and grace
Unite me to yourself with inseparable bonds that nothing may ever draw me back from you, my Lord, my Saviour.


(adapted from The Valley of Vision, ed. Arthur Bennett, Banner of Truth Trust, 1975p62-63)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Prayer of Confession (Psalm 32)

O Lord,
        Blessed is the one whose sins are covered, forgiven, and not counted against him. 

Lord, it is tempting not to confess my sin to you, to hide it,
         But then it overloads me, my body groans
         I feel heavy like in the heat of summer.

But, when I confess to you - you forgive me - you forgive my guilt.

So Lord, I am sorry for my many sins
          All of which stem from not acknowledging you as my Lord and Saviour
          And not realising the sinful self-centredness of my heart.

Lord, let me pray to you
          For I know you and I trust you
          You are my hiding place, you will protect and deliver me.

Lord, instruct me and teach me in the way I should go
          Counsel me and watch over me
          Your love surrounds me.
Lord, I rejoice in you and am glad
          Because you declare me righteous and upright in heart.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our unchangeable God

God Almighty - wonderful, powerful, gracious and glorious

Thank you that you do not change.

Help me to know that you are always the same God - you are the God of
       Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
       David and Solomon
       Peter, Paul and the apostles
       Believers over 2000 years
       and me

Over all time and history, you are the same God

You do not change - you have always been and will always be, you are the first and the last.
-      You cannot be more than you are, and you can never be less
-      Your character does not change - perfect, strong, just, wise, loving
-      Your truth does not change - your purposes, promises, warning, demands - all are your unchanging truth.
-      Your ways do not change - you save by grace, allow others to reject you, you hate sin, you seek fellowship with your people.  Your ways follow your character and truth completely.
-      Your purposes do not change - you know all and are all powerful, your place have been in place since time began
-      Your son, Jesus Christ, does not change - he is the same yesterday, today and forever 
Thank you that you are and always have been the same God.  Help me to read your word knowing it describes who you are now fully and completely and to trust in you and your ways. 


(in response to Knowing God, J.I. Packer, ch 7)  

Sunday, November 27, 2016


O Changeless God,
Under the conviction of thy Spirit I learn that
            the more I do, the worse I am,
            the more I know, the less I know, 
            the more holiness I have, the more sinful I am,
            the more I love, the more there is to love.
O Lord, how little I love your truth and ways

I neglect prayer,
           thinking I have prayed enough,
           assuming the spirit will intercede anyway
           knowing you have saved me.

Let me not be a hypocrite
           who sins because grace abounds,
           who tells my desires and lusts that Christ’s blood cleanses them,
           who reasons that God cannot cast me into hell for I am already saved,
           who loves preaching and churches, but lives unholily.

Lord, help me to have spiritual understanding
To learn and also live the truth of the gospel
Let my conscience drive me to conviction and contrition
Let my will be resolute and not wavering
Let my heart overflow with affection
Let me learn the lessons you teach
Let me live and rejoice in your grace


(Very adapted & altered from The Valley of Vision, ed. Arthur Bennett, Banner of Truth Trust, 1975, p128-9)